Offset Backyard Smoker


High quality fully welded assembly to ensure a quality cook with a smokey flavoured result.

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This is our flagship premium smoker.

We are fighting against the cheap options in the market that are dampening the potential of barbecuers. Cheaper smokers leak heat and smoke because of sub par manufacturing and thin metals. Heat control becomes too difficult and what should be great cooks end up ruined. 

Our Offset smoker is the quality when it comes to cooking, an offset smoker suits everyone from competition pit-masters right down to household cooks. When you own an offset smoker, it says you are serious about barbecuing.
The meat is cooked in the main chamber through an indirect heat transfer from the firebox, this creates a moist and tender BBQ that cant be matched by other BBQ products.  
We have developed a high quality smoker from 5mm steel, the weld quality is of the highest standard to ensure there is minimal heat loss throughout a cook. Our smokers have the best features available leaving you to just relax and enjoy the delicious smokey food!
Our unique adaptions make installing and using a controller easier for everyone. We have installed an air flow vent on all of our smokers to give the fan an ideal position on the firebox to minimise heat loss. This makes setting up your smoker for a cook fast and simple. Our heat resistant handles make managing your cook worry free as well as looking modern and stylish.


  • Controller air flow vent
  • Door Counter Weight
  • Internal slide-out shelf
  • Heat Management Plate
  • Pot Warmer
  • Stay Cool Handles
  • 5mm boiler plate Steel
  • Wagon Wheels
  • High Temp. Paint
  • Grease Drain
  • Offset Firebox
  • Draft control on firebox door
  • 2 Temperature Gauges
  • Front shelf for prepping



Additional information

Weight 500 kg
Dimensions 150 x 50 x 150 cm


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